How to Play With a Beagle Puppy

How to Play With a Beagle Puppy

Beagles need more than physical exercise – they require fun mental stimulation to keep their minds sharp and avoid boredom. Doing fetch with your beagle using different toys and increasing his running distance will improve his recall while helping to…

When Will My Beagle Puppy Calm Down?

When Will My Beagle Puppy Calm Down

Many pet parents may be wondering when their hyper Beagle puppy will settle down. Thankfully, most Beagles should start calming down around one year mark. As they’re evolving physically and psychologically quickly, children will possess immense amounts of energy that…

Why Is My Beagle Puppy Not Eating?

Why Is My Beagle Puppy Not Eating

Beagle puppies require high quality food that does not include unnecessary fillers and ingredients that contribute calories without providing necessary nutrition. If they seem perpetually hungry, it could be an indicator that their diet needs improvement. Beagles must be fed…

Best Treats For Beagle Puppies

Best Treats For Beagle

Consider chew treats made of healthy ingredients and tailored specifically to the size and needs of your pup, such as natural chews that don’t contain chemicals or artificial sweeteners. AFreschi Turkey Tenon is an excellent option, as it contains no…

How Do Beagles Get COLD Easily?

How Do Beagles Get COLD Easily

Beagles love exercise and spending time outdoors, but must be protected from colder climate conditions. Beagles can endure temperatures above freezing, but should be brought indoors during periods where it falls below that threshold. They require a warm and dry…

When Do Beagle Puppies Stop Biting?

When Do Beagle Puppies Stop Biting

When your puppy is teething, he or she may bite their fingers or other things around the house to ease his or her discomfort. If this is happening in your household, providing appropriate and safe teething toys could be useful…