How to Make a Beagle Puppy Sleep Through the Night

How to Make a Beagle Puppy Sleep Through the Night


Beagles are energetic dogs that need plenty of sleep to run off all their excess energy. To ensure that your pup receives adequate rest, it’s crucial that you develop a regular bedtime schedule for him/her.

Your Beagle puppy needs your help in producing natural sleep aid melatonin at night to be successful with sleeping through the night. Here are a few strategies you can try to get him or her sleeping soundly through the night:

Establish a Consistent Sleep Routine

As puppies mature, their bodies require more rest to accommodate for rapid physical development. Puppies typically sleep 18-20 hours a day in their first two months of life (including nighttime sleeping and daytime napping). Although pups should sleep through most of the night time they will still wake frequently during the night to empty their bladders or stretch their legs. As they age they will need more frequent trips outside to relieve themselves as well as stretch out more. They won’t start sleeping through until approximately four months old with consistent training and patience but with consistent training they could start sleeping through earlier if you train consistently enough.

Puppies typically spend 10-20% of their total sleep time in REM sleep, which helps strengthen cognitive function and memory recall. This may be in part due to their ancestral behavior as hunters who would sleep through the night only awakening at dawn to hunt prey; if your beagle seems not getting enough REM rest it could be caused by illness or lack of physical activity.

Help your beagle get more REM sleep by providing them with a daily schedule and providing them with a comfortable place to rest, such as a bed or crate. Incorporating regular physical and mental stimulation, such as walks, chew toys or puzzle games into their day will also tire them out and encourage better restful nights for all!

Create a Comfortable Sleeping Environment

How to Make a Beagle Puppy Sleep
How to Make a Beagle Puppy Sleep

Like human babies, beagle puppies need lots of sleep in order to reach adulthood healthy and strong. Without it, their energy will be expended on unnecessary activities which diminish their natural restorative powers and put their immune systems under strain, increasing disease risks as well as becoming cranky or destructive when their natural restorative powers don’t function effectively.

Beagles can be challenging pets for first-time pet owners. Beagles are used to sleeping close to their mother and siblings, making a new environment unfamiliar and frightening. Also, these vocal dogs will howl and bark throughout the night in response to anxiety.

At the heart of changing your beagle pup’s sleeping habits lies making sure they feel safe and secure when sleeping. Covering their crate with a blanket or bedsheet at night may provide them with enough warmth for restful slumber, while dimmed lights in the room and soft classical music can further promote relaxation for them.

If your beagle is having difficulty sleeping through the night, it could be because of potty breaks. Puppies will let you know when they need to go outside by sniffing around on the ground or circling. Simply take them outside, take care of business and reward with a treat when done!

Create a Chew Toy

Puppy teething can be excruciatingly uncomfortable. Chewing provides pain relief as well as distraction from itching; both symptoms often associated with teething. You should provide your pup with something safe yet fun for him/her to chew, such as toys. Otherwise they’ll likely turn to shoes, electrical cords and other non-toy items which could prove both costly and dangerous!

Young Beagles may seem hyperactive at times, but after active episodes there will inevitably be periods when they’re tired and require restorative naps and relaxation time. An engaging toy can provide them with something they need in such moments to relax.

There are countless choices when it comes to chew toys for puppies or dogs of all ages. A durable rubber toy such as Kong’s Goodie Bone may be ideal. Fill it up with peanut butter or treats for an interactive experience! Plus, its chew-resistant durability makes it suitable for puppies as well.

Other options for Beagles may include a ball that encourages chase-and-exercise play. One such ball from Playology features scented layers to attract their nosey natures while still offering bounces-and-floats play wherever your pet may be located.

Give Him a Treat

Puppies require plenty of sleep to recharge after playing and exploring their environment, and also frequently needing the bathroom. Unfortunately, this can become problematic for owners if there’s no established potty training routine in place or no fenced-in yard for potty training purposes. With some effort and patience you can train your beagle puppy to sleep through the night.

Early weeks can be tempting when co-sleeping with your beagle puppy; they want attention and close proximity with their human. However, you should encourage them to sleep in their crate rather than with you so that they become familiar with sleeping alone and become more confident when doing so.

If your beagle puppy wakes during the night, they likely need to use the bathroom, they might be thirsty, hungry, or both – symptoms of hypoglycemia which must be treated immediately with sugary treats like Karo syrup, honey or children’s cereal containing added sweeteners.

Establishing a regular sleep schedule will give your beagle puppy an internal clock that signals when it is time to sleep or wake up, creating an inviting sleeping environment and offering them chew toys will all aid their sleep and allow for uninterrupted nights of restful slumber.