Best Treats For Beagle

Best Treats For Beagle Puppies

Consider chew treats made of healthy ingredients and tailored specifically to the size and needs of your pup, such as natural chews that don’t contain chemicals or artificial sweeteners.

AFreschi Turkey Tenon is an excellent option, as it contains no artificial additives or chemicals and boasts high protein levels. Plus, polyphostate can help prevent plaque and tartar build-up on teeth.

Training Treats

Beagles are highly food motivated and will do almost anything for a treat! However, as they can quickly become dependent on treats for training purposes only and should only ever be used sparingly and when rewarding good behavior – for instance potty training! You can give your Beagle high value treats such as steak or jerky as rewards as well as low calorie alternatives such as banana slices or yogurt drops or small pieces of melons to motivate their behavior and reinforce good behaviors such as potty training.

When training your Beagle it’s essential that treats are easy for her to digest. Avoid long-chewing treats which could divert their attention away from training and towards eating instead. Also try not giving too many treats during a training session as this could make your Beagle sleepy and cause them to quit participating altogether.

Fruits like bananas provide healthy, low-calorie treats that Beagles find very appetizing. To ensure their safety and that of other pets, however, only select ripe bananas as raw ones contain harmful toxins which could be dangerous for dogs. Furthermore, bananas contain vitamin C – an essential nutrient which strengthens tissues, bones and blood vessels as well as providing protection from heart disease and certain cancers.

Dental chews can be an ideal treat for Beagles as they help to combat gum disease, bad breath and keep teeth clean. Be sure to purchase high-quality protein chews that do not contain artificial ingredients such as wheat, corn or soy for best results.

Healthy Treats

Best Treats For Beagle Puppies
Best Treats For Beagle Puppies

Treats should be small, tasty, and nutritionally balanced – no more than 10% of a puppy’s daily caloric intake and no unhealthy fat or salt content should be present in these treats. They should also be easily digestible and low in odor – avoid anything which might cause digestive upset such as raw bones or sticks (natural ones may shatter while synthetic versions could lead to dental problems or blockages)

Healthy treats should include meat as the first ingredient and no empty grain fillers such as wheat, corn or soy that could trigger allergies. Chicken, fish and beef provide the protein for this high-quality wet food product while Kale, Sweet Potatoes and Cranberries add vitamins and minerals for maximum cardiovascular benefits.

Pears are safe for puppies to eat (though syrupy varieties should be avoided, as this could increase their risk of diabetes), providing vitamin C, B6, potassium magnesium and fiber that helps balance digestive systems – particularly helpful when recovering from diarrhea or vomiting.

Portion Control

Beagles can be notoriously destructive chewers in their home environment, so providing suitable chew toys may help curb this behavior and satisfy their natural instincts while simultaneously improving dental and oral health by clearing away plaque and tartar build-up.

As with any treat, moderation is key – even nutritious foods can become harmful if eaten excessively. According to the World Small Animal Veterinary Association’s recommendation, treats shouldn’t account for more than 10% of a puppy’s daily calorie consumption2.

Beef tendons provide long-lasting chew treats for dogs that should be rotated between sessions (and smeared with peanut butter for added appeal!). Beagles particularly enjoy Marrow bones; however they contain many calories so should only be given occasionally as treats. Cow hooves also make excellent treats but should only be offered on rare occasions due to being quite high in calories when filled with tasty treats!

Dried blueberries make an excellent treat that can be used both for command training and as a tasty snack. High in fibre and anthocyanins – known to protect against gastrointestinal cancer – dried blueberries also offer manganese for bone development.


Beagles who enjoy chewing and foraging require high-quality dog chews as an essential treat. A natural chew made of meat or poultry and high in protein should have no added chemicals, preservatives, or artificial flavors to ensure longevity and proper plaque prevention.

Search for grain-free dog treats as they can be more beneficial to their digestive tract. Choose chews high in omega fatty acids to reduce inflammation in their skin. Finally, opt for treats rich in antioxidants to protect them against free radical damage.

Your beagle can find plenty of natural and healthy puppy chews on the market, such as beef trachea, pig ears, lamb hooves or beef spleen. Organic chews tend to be healthier for them too – some puppies may be allergic to animal skin or cartilage found in some types, so try different kinds to see which works best with your beagle!

Beagles love natural and healthy treats like fresh fruit. Carrot sticks are especially tasty options as they’re packed with beta carotene and can easily be cut into bite-size pieces for your pet to snack on. Watermelons offer another tasty, low fat treat and are packed with potassium which may help regulate their blood pressure.