Taking Care

Do Beagle Dogs Have An Odor?

Do Beagle Dogs Have An Odor?

Your Beagle will pick up and release many different scents throughout their lives, which is quite natural and comes from their wild ancestors who would conceal their scent to sneak up on prey. All dogs possess their own individual scent,…

Why Do Beagle Dogs Shed?

Why Do Beagle Dogs Shed

Shedding is a natural part of being healthy. If your Beagle begins shedding in large clumps or displays symptoms such as itchy or flaky skin, seek medical advice immediately. Your Beagle’s diet will have an enormous effect on its shedding.…

Why Is My Beagle Puppy Not Eating?

Why Is My Beagle Puppy Not Eating

Beagle puppies require high quality food that does not include unnecessary fillers and ingredients that contribute calories without providing necessary nutrition. If they seem perpetually hungry, it could be an indicator that their diet needs improvement. Beagles must be fed…

How Do Beagles Get COLD Easily?

How Do Beagles Get COLD Easily

Beagles love exercise and spending time outdoors, but must be protected from colder climate conditions. Beagles can endure temperatures above freezing, but should be brought indoors during periods where it falls below that threshold. They require a warm and dry…

How to Bathe a Beagle Puppy

How to Bathe a Beagle Puppy

Beagles should be given regular baths to maintain a healthy coat, however it should not be done too frequently as this could strip their natural oils. Use only shampoo specifically formulated for dogs (scent-free to prevent skin issues and allergic…