beagles pros and consIf you are looking for a loyal dog, then a Beagle is for you. This breed is known for being tolerant and protective. While there are many pros of this breed, you should be prepared to deal with some cons too. Beagles shed a lot of hair, but that is not necessarily a problem. If you want to know more about this dog breed, then keep reading. The following are some of its main benefits.

Beagles are loyal

This loyal dog breed is not particularly large. Their small size makes them an excellent choice for apartment living. They are a playful breed and enjoy spending time with children. While their barking may annoy some owners, this trait is a benefit to those looking for an ideal pet. Beagles are also known for their affection, and are typically trustworthy around children. As a member of the hound group, Beagles enjoy companionship and work. They also require daily exercise.

They are tolerant

Tolerance is the act of allowing or permitting something you don’t like and accepting it. Basically, they are open minded and will accept anything other people or cultures find offensive. Tolerance is a virtue. But how do you tell if you’re tolerant? Read on to find out. Tolerance is the hallmark of a generous person. If you’ve ever been in a room where someone was yelling at their kids, you’re probably tolerant of the same behavior.

They are protective

Although the name beagle may suggest a guard dog, beagles are more protective of objects than people. They are fiercely possessive and may be aggressive when taken away from their territory. It is therefore important for owners to establish that their Beagle will be left alone at all times. Beagles may bark or growl when they feel threatened by an intruder. These dogs can also be very protective of other pets and their owners. With the right training, beagles can be excellent watchdogs.

They shed hair

Beagles shed hair at different times throughout the year. The first shedding period occurs in the spring, followed by summer and then autumn. This shedding season lasts for about six months and is triggered by the weather. Changes in daylight hours and temperature can intensify the shedding. Beagles shed hair on a regular basis and you will have to clean up after your pet regularly. Here are some tips on beagle hair maintenance.

They are a hunting hound

Beagles are a very intelligent and energetic breed of dog. Though they are known for their hunting skills, they have also become popular as companion animals. Their high level of independence can make training them a challenge. Because of their stubborn nature, training a beagle can be tricky. Here are some tips for success:

They are not picky eaters

Most adults think it’s good that many restaurants now offer children’s menus, but are bothered by picky eaters? Fortunately, there are more than two-thirds of Americans who can pinpoint at least one picky eater among their friends. The remaining two-thirds aren’t sure who is causing the problem. Despite their dissatisfaction, most Americans don’t mind catering to the eating habits of picky eaters.

They need a lot of exercise

Beagles need a lot of physical exercise because their high levels of vitality make them highly active. You should aim to engage them in at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise two or three times a day. Exhausted dogs are less likely to cause mischief and are more content around their owners. Therefore, it is crucial to plan your dog’s exercise schedule around yours.